David Rudat
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City Employees Support Rudat
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We the City of Los Alamitos City Employees Association, who reliably server the residents of our community, declare and affirm our support for Interim City Manager David L. Rudat.

From his first days as Interim City Manager, Mr. Rudat exhibited leadership, professionalism and involvement with the City staff, local businesses and residents within our community, and we believe that, at this time it is in the best interest of the City to retain his service as Interim City Manger.

We support Mr. Rudat because he has been an excellent team leader for our City, who quickly reestablished a sense of stability and restored employee confidence. He interacts with Department Directors and employees in a professional and forthright manner, maintaining an open door policy for everyone.

It wa apparent from the beginning that Mr. Rudat made a strong commitment to the citizens in Los Alamitos, establishing an excellent reputation with members of the public and local businesses by becoming engaged, involved and listening to their issues.

Over the past several years, our City has seen a revolving door of City Mangers and Department Directors, while we, the employees, have continued to provide dependable service to the community. The City Employees Association appreciates Mr. Rudat's dedicated focus and efforts, especially after the chaos of the last tow City Mangers.

Given that one of the crucial issues of the Oct. 6 2008 City Council Meeting was to address Mr. Rudat's contract, which is scheduled to end Oct. 17, 2008, we are extremely concerned that that item wa not addressed. With the local election rapidly approaching, along with the reasons stated above, we encourage the City Council to work together to retain the steadfast services of Mt. Rudat.

The Los Alamitos City Employees Association