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Rudat's Contract with Los Al Extended
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

After a 96-minute closed session, the Los Alamitos City Council unanimously agreed to extend Interim City Manager David Rudat's employee contract, during a special meeting Oct. 13.

Rudat was appointed to the position after the city has experienced a rash of turnovers in the last three years.

City Manager Wins Vote of Confidence
Los Al City Council extends Rudat's contract after rumors surfaced that panel was planning to remove him.
Thursday,October 16, 2008

City Council members squashed rumors that interim City Manger Dave Rudat would be fired and opted to extend his contract as they had planned.

Some employees and residents and even one council member expressed concern at this week's meeting that the council would try to remove Rudat.

Los Al Council Agrees to Extend City Manager's Contract
David Rudat called 'team leader' after numerous turnovers in the last few years.
Thursday,October 16, 2008

After about an hour in closed session, the Los Alamitos City Council unanimously agreed to extend City Manager David Rudat's employee contract, during a special meeting Oct. 13.

Rudat was appointed to the position after serving as interim city manager and while the city experienced more than seven turnovers in the last three years.

City Employees Support Rudat
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We the City of Los Alamitos City Employees Association, who reliably server the residents of our community, declare and affirm our support for Interim City Manager David L. Rudat.

From his first days as Interim City Manager, Mr. Rudat exhibited leadership, professionalism and involvement with the City staff, local businesses and residents within our community, and we believe that, at this time it is in the best interest of the City to retain his service as Interim City Manger.

Another in Support of Rudat
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am writing to express my support of extending the current contract of Dave Rudat. I am very surprised that the City Council failed to act on this simple action at your regularly scheduled Council meeting of October 6, especially in light that CalPERS is very clear about Mr. Rudat's situation, it must be addressed by October 18. I think this is very disrespectful of Mr. Rudat, whom I believe has served the City well in the past year.

Orange Falling Behind on Budget
Collapse of cutback plan and city manager's illness mean council is likely to miss its July 1 deadline. No drop in services or payroll shortage seen.
June 8, 1995

The city apparently will begin its new fiscal year on July 1 without a budget.

A cost-cutting plan that back-fired, and the illness of City Manager David F. Dixon, have delayed completion of the annual budget, which was to have been introduced at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

Fire Department To Take Over Ambulance Service

Ending weeks of debate, the city has decided to let its Fire Department take over emergency ambulance service.

Fire Chief David L. Rudat has faced bitter opposition to his plan to buy four ambulances and offer emergency care since he proposed the idea in May The two companies that have shared ambulance service in the city lobbied against the plan.

the City Council voted 4 to 1 this week to approve Rudat's proposal.

Emergency Response Times Improve In Orange
February 28, 1997

A five-minute increase in emergency response times has been recorded since the Orange Fire Department launched the Emergency Medical Transportation Program 16 months ago, officials reported at the Orange City Council meeting Tuesday.

"We've increased what you get for $36 a year," said Mayor Joanne Coontz.

City Ambulance Service Debate: Private vs. Public Consideration
The fire department is proposing to extend its ambulance services in city.
May 25, 1995

ORANGE - The city fire department's proposal to purchase four ambulances and provide complete accident scene to hospital service to the community has sparked outcry from two private companies serving Orange in what is shaping into a public vs. private battle.

"They're firemen, not health care professional," said Blake MacPherson, a spokesman for CareLine, during a city council review of the proposal. "No offense, firemen, but you don't know what you're doing."

Fir Chief Dave Rudat said: "(The plan) would help improve the quality and continuity of pre-hospital care."

Thrill of a Lifetime
New fire chief David Rudat reflects on his lengthy career
Thursday, September 22, 1994

The Orange Fire Department's new fire chief is certainly no stranger to the ranks.

David Rudat, 42 began his career with the department more than two decades ago, most recently serving as acting fire chief since Ed Rowlette retired in April.

"As far as I was concerned there never really was any other candidate," said City Manager Dave Dixon, who announced the selection Sept. 13. "I'm grateful that he's here so that we can continue to provide the outstanding leadership that Orange has always had."

Fire Station No. 6 Gets A New Home
November 10, 1994

The Orange City Fire Station No. 6 moved into its fourth and final home recently after 25 years of temporary sites.

"It's a rewarding feeling after all the hard work and we're very proud of the way it came out construction-wise and in function ability," said Chief David Rudat.

The recent move of the station was from an old remodeled home at 206 N. Manchester Dr. that the station occupied for 10 years.